• My name is Rylan Herrera. I attend Ignacio Jr. High School, where I am in 8th grade.
  • My favorite subjects in school are Math, Science and P.E. I like participating in P.E.
  • My parents are Natalie Richards and the late, Richard Herrera.
  • In addition, I want to go to college and maybe work for SUPD when I grow up.
  • I want to work for my tribe and be a positive role model after high school.
  • I have been chosen as the Southern Ute Tribal Student of the month for the month of May, because I work hard on my assignments and I’m a positive role model for my classmates.
  • Comments: Rylan was selected by the Ignacio Jr. High teachers because he is known for his respectful attitude towards adults and students. “People like to be around him because he is calm and positive and funny too!”
  • My name is Stais Harlan. I attend Ignacio High School, where I am a junior. My favorite subject in school is math.
  • My family is Sage Remington, Annabelle Eagle, Norman Harlan III, Ramona Eagle and Bernadine Tso. I like to long board, play hockey and run track.
  • In addition, I want to be a business manager when I grow up.
  • Photo Credit: Ace Stryker | The Southern Ute Drum
    Photo Credit: Ace Stryker | The Southern Ute Drum
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    Students of the month: May 17, 2013

    The Southern Ute Education Department and staff introduced a special recognition program last year, the program for the young and the talented Southern Ute students attending Ignacio public schools. The staff will recognize two students a month for all their hard work and kindness given to others. Check the Drum each month and listen to KSUT for the announcement of the next honored students as well as an interview.

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