Pɵˈɵkwatʉ – Eagle’s Nest

Lower Elementary student, O’Hozhoni Larry, gives Toddler student, Sylas Herrera, a ride on a toddler bicycle as part of a weekly classroom leadership activity.
Toddler student, Neki Graham, insisted that the Lower Elementary students, Jayceon Richards, Lucas Rael, and Cassius Harlan sit down so that a book could be read during the elementary leadership activity.
Courtesy SUIMA
Courtesy SUIMA

Our end of the year ceremony is one week away!  As suggested by several parents, we are going to have our end of the year ceremony on the same day as Bear Dance.  We will have our ceremony on the school grounds at 8:45 a.m.  We moved the time by 15 minutes as we follow the Montessori philosophy of independence and want to provide enough walking time for our infants and toddlers as we all walk to the Bear Dance grounds afterwards.   

The students have been practicing their dance steps and have new ribbon shirts or dresses to be ready for the opening dance. As the staff of SUIMA are role models for the students, they join in the celebration by making their own shirt or dress as well as attending the Bear Dance.  

We’ve had elders come talk to the staff about protocol and tribal members who’ve shared stories of Bear Dances long ago. As the Ute Language program is the cornerstone of the school, it is important that all staff members show honor and respect for the Bear Dance as the students look to them for guidance and support. It is always good to help pass the tradition down to the children – thank you for allowing the SUIMA staff to be part of this.   

 Board members 

SUIMA’s school board is seeking new members!  If you are interested in helping the school change, grow, and challenge the students, consider this volunteer opportunity.  All you have to do is submit a letter of interest to the school principal.  The dates for next year’s school board meetings have not been set yet and can be planned around your schedule.  Come join the school in a way that can help support the students and school. 

PAG, Family Group, and Field Day 

On Wednesday, May 10, SUIMA’s Family Group hosted an end of the school year celebration which was well attended.  Along with the Reading specialists, an area face painter, the Ignacio Library, the Durango Kids Pediatric Dentistry, Sun Ute staff, and a Bounce House, there were plenty of things to enjoy. Thankfully, the looming rain clouds held off in the distance. 

The whole school enjoyed Field Day down at SunUte Park on Friday, May 12.  Los Pinos Fire Department provided the water fun, Behavior Health provided the music, the Litz family provided the Bounce House, and many others who volunteered made the day exciting and enjoyable.   

The last Parent Advisory Group meeting was held on Tuesday, May 16.  Meetings will resume in September. 

Registration packets 

 Registration packets are now available at www.suima.org under the Parents Tab.   

Upcoming events – Fancy Fridays and early release every Friday! 

  • 5/19 – Infant/Toddler Field Trip to Wildlife Park 
  • 5/19 – Community Bear Dance workshop at Sky Ute Casino 
  • 5/23 – Primary Field Trip to Durango Fish Hatchery 
  • 5/25 – Primary Water Fun Day 
  • 5/26 – End of the Year Ceremony on SUIMA school grounds at 8:45AM 
  • 5/26 – Opening of Bear Dance 10 a.m. 

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