Boys & Girls Club

BGC receives generous donation

Former Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council lady, Pathimi M. GoodTracks made a generous donation to the Boys and Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Tuesday, Jan. 20.

GoodTracks donated the amount of her severance from Tribal Council to the Boys and Girls Club.

“The intent is for it to be used for cultural purposes for Ute youth,” she said.

GoodTracks said the money she received was unearned. Therefore, she chose to donate it.

“I chose to accept [the severance] and donate it to the strengthening of cultural and traditional values amongst Ute youth … and I chose the Boys and Girls Club,” she said.

GoodTracks stressed that the donation go towards developing long-term sustainable cultural programs.

Boys and Girls Club Chief Professional Officer, Bruce LeClaire, said the donation was beyond generous and much appreciated.

“We’re very fortunate to receive this donation from [GoodTracks],” he said. “It gave me a renewed confidence in adults in the community caring about the children.”

As for the money going specifically toward Ute culture, LeClaire said he backs it fully.

“I believe in strengthening culture and cultural awareness,” he said. “It will help [Ute youth] with understanding and taking pride in their teachings.”


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