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CLUB CONNECT: Congratulations graduates!

Photo Credit: courtesy BGC

May Club Member Birthday Shout outs 


  • Zayla Herrera – May 1st 
  • Julian Bravo – May 5th  
  • Archer Konkol – May 10th  
  • Aubrey Baca – May 14th  
  • Harley Joy Jr. – May 16th  
  • Ray Sanchez III – May 16th  
  • Alahna Cundiff – May 17th  
  • Ethan Gonzales – May 24th 
  • Perah Summer Etsitty – May 30th  


BGC Shoutouts 

Congratulations to our Kinders and 5th graders for graduating!! Have a great summer! A huge shout out to our staff member Cameron for graduating high school!  


Program Highlights 

Group 2 did their Money Matters shopping trip to Farmers Fresh!  

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