After putting it in order, Lawrence Santisteven II reads the Children’s Prayer in Ute to Rhiannon Velasquez, SUIMA Ute Language Interim Director.
Destiny Valdez teaches Rex Olguin long multiplication with checkerboard material. “Can I do the checkboard again today? It’s my favorite work,” said Destiny
Toddler student, Yomaris Albo, stacks blocks in her classroom.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of SUIMA
Photo Credit: Courtesy of SUIMA
Photo Credit: Courtesy of SUIMA
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Pawaaghani Pɵˈɵkwatʉ – Eagle’s Nest

Daily hands-on learning at SUIMA 

With the Montessori curriculum being what was chosen for the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy, infants through sixth graders learn through their hands. Whether it’s fine motor skills, the parts of a tree, the alphabet, how to read, or how to multiply, SUIMA teachers guide students in how to utilize each beautifully crafted material to gain a new concept or skill.  

The staff members apply their extensive Montessori training as they carefully choose and present developmentally aligned tasks that suit each child’s ability and appeal to their interests. 

 “With math materials, they’re able to manipulate them, it uses your senses, and it’s more substantial,” explained Monique Marquez, primary level teacher.   

“My favorite material is sandpaper letters because it’s tactile and it uses all the senses. You listen, you feel, you hear,” said Kathy Overman, primary level teacher.   

Recent classroom observations reveal SUIMA students of all ages concentrating intently on their hands-on work, as you can see from the photos.  


SUIMA School Board 


The School Board is currently updating policies and procedures as well as seeking ideas for fundraising opportunities. At the next meeting, they will also discuss the 2024-2025 school calendar. If you’d like to bring something to their attention, you can find a tab on our school’s website (www.suima.org) to submit your concern.  A board member will get in touch with you. 




Book Fair will be April 1-4 in the dining hall. 


Parent Advisory Group  


The next PAG meeting will be April 23 from 6 – 7 p.m., via Zoom.  These meetings are typically held every third Tuesday of the month.   


Family Night group 


Family Night was rescheduled for Wednesday, March 27 with the theme of Legos!  Come join us for dinner and some family fun! Drum group will be held in the Ute Language room that night.   


Upcoming Events 


Early Release at 2 p.m., every Friday! 


  • March 27 – UE Taco Sale; Family Group; Drum Group
  • April 1-5 Book Fair
  • April 3 – UE going to the Growth Fund
  • April 4 – UE well site field trip
  • April 5 – UE Walk in the Park and lemonade stand
  • April 10-12 – UE overnight field trip to Denver
  • April 19 – No school for students
  • April 23 – PAG
  • April 24 – Family Night
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