Southern Ute Councilman, Marty Pinnecoose, reads to Nora’Lyn Goodtracks, Violet Powell, Arnulfo Pardo IV, and Tavach Litz in the toddler three classroom during Read Across America Day.
Southern Ute Councilman, Andrew Gallegos, sits in a primary chair during Read Across America Day and listens to Darius “DJ” Smith and Kingsley Martinez read a story about a train.
Chairman Baker captivated Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy students with a powerful and inspiring story about the importance and legacy of family names.
Photo Credit: Summer Begay | Tribal Council Affairs
Photo Credit: Summer Begay | Tribal Council Affairs
Photo Credit: Summer Begay | Tribal Council Affairs
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Pawaaghani Pɵˈɵkwatʉ – Eagle’s Nest

Excellence in education 

Based on records of a 1984 Tribal Council proclamation making “Excellence in Education” one of the Tribe’s strongest commitments, we acknowledge our responsibility to fulfill the ever-growing commitment we have to the students.  

We recognize that learning is a lifelong endeavor. The first mission statement that was written for SUIMA stated, “To preserve, protect, and share all that is uniquely Southern Ute in a stimulating, educational environment and thereby encourage, develop and enrich each Southern Ute Indian tribal child to reach their full potential and excel in any endeavor they choose.” While our mission statements have changed over the years, our goal is to still provide a strong educational foundation to preserve and share the Southern Ute language and culture within a Montessori environment.  

With the Southern Ute culture being the cornerstone of the school, the staff works hard to uphold tribal traditions, values, culture, and language. Though the language is the hardest to maintain as we don’t have any fluent speakers at the school, we have grown it within the school.  

With impressive results, we have been compiling data to show how much time the teachers and students use the language on any given day and how much the students understand it. It is inspiring to have students come up to any adult in the school and greet them using their Ute language knowledge.   

 THANK YOU TO TRIBAL COUNCIL AND SUIMA SCHOOL BOARD!!! You made our Read Across America Day a success! The students enjoyed the time you spent with them and were enthralled by your hats!  

SUIMA School Board 

The School Board is currently updating policies and procedures. If you’d like to bring something to their attention, you can find a tab in our school’s website (www.suima.org) to submit your concern. A board member will get in touch with you.  


Conference week was held the last week in February with 85% – 90% attendance. There are a few families that had to reschedule so look for the percentage to reach 100%.   

Parent Advisory Group  

The next PAG meeting will be March 26 from 6 – 7 p.m. via Zoom. These meetings are typically held every third Tuesday of the month.  

Family Night group 

Family Night is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13 with the theme of Legos! Come join us for dinner and some family fun! Drum group will be held in the Ute Language room that night.  

Upcoming Events 

  • Early Release at 2 p.m. every Friday! 
  • March 15 – Last day to bring material for ribbon shirts or skirts. 
  • March 18-22 – Spring Break  
  • April 1 – 5 – Book Fair 
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