IMS: Welcome to the 2023-24 school year! 

Dayna Talamante-Montoya, Principal, Ignacio Middle School
Divine Windy Boy | SU Drum

Greetings everyone! Ignacio Middle School staff spent their summer preparing for the year. Our focus areas this year are academic growth, engagement and attendance. Our scores on CMAS improved from last year and the middle school showed great growth.  

To celebrate the hard work of our students and staff we held an assembly to recognize the accomplishments middle school students had. As part of our BEAT CMAS, those who made a year’s growth, or more, were recognized and rewarded. We filled the stage with students, it was a fabulous assembly. CMAS scores will be mailed out to families this week. If you have any questions about what the scores mean, you can contact your students’ language arts or math teacher for more information. We are looking forward to and busy preparing to repeat that accomplishment this school year.  

Academic growth happens when students are in school. Our school day begins at 7:50am. Please, help us by getting students to school in a timely manner. If you need support, please reach out. Early bedtime and consistent wake up times help students build academic stamina so they are ready to meet the day, and as part of the Healthy Meals for All program, all students will be provided breakfast and lunch free of charge.  

Athletics are underway. We have 32 football players, 31 volleyball players and eight cross-country athletes. That is almost half of our student population! We know that when students feel connected and part of a team, they excel. If you have any questions regarding athletics, please feel free to call the office for more information.  

We are looking for parent volunteers to be a part of the BAC (Building Accountability Committee). This team meets once a month to monitor processes and programs. If you have any questions or interest, please contact the office or email me directly at 

In hopes of helping busy families keep track of the events and activities that happen at IMS, we have an activities calendar that you can access through the webpage. Check the calendar for things like PT conference (being held in October), dances, academic nights, honor roll breakfast, etc.  

Cell phones should not be used during the school day. If you need to message your student, please contact the front office. We love your support in keeping the phones out of the classroom, so students can focus on academic learning and growth.  

We are excited for this school year and eagerly look forward to our journey together. We may not always agree, but together we can find a solution or fix any issue. Thank you all for your support and ideas. It is “Together” that we will engage, empower and prepare all of our learners for the future, so that it benefits our community as a whole. The school phone number is 970-563-0600 and the district website is   

Please, reach out with any questions or to schedule a time to meet.  

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