Eagle’s Nest: School is back in session! 

SUIMA Toddler 3 students are enjoying their first day of school snack. Seen here are Tavach Litz, Chrissy Cloud, Nathan Ruybal, Nora’Lyn Goodtracks, Violet Powell, Scarlett Velasquez-Rodriquez, and Arnulfo Pardo IV; their teaching guides are Marilyn Olguin and Amanda Cray.
SUIMA Primary 4 student, Zahlayah Cloud, is excited to have the guinea pig, Licorice, walk to her.
SUIMA student Josiah Hight enjoys holding Carmel the guinea pig.
Courtesy SUIMA
Courtesy SUIMA
Courtesy SUIMA

School is back in session and our first week went well! 

With our students being as young as seven months old, we’ve had some tears but mostly the school has been filled with laughter and good energy.  The staff and students were greeted by the apples, apricots, and grapes that are growing profusely around the school.  

One of our activities coming up is the projects that will be submitted to the fair.  We will also be working on the Education Department float.  


SUIMA’s Parent/Student Handbook can be found at www.suima.org. 

If you haven’t turned your students’ medical packet in, you have until Friday, Sept. 29.   

School Board information  

We currently have a full school board with new members that will soon be voted into the vacant offices.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a letter of intent. Meeting dates will be in the next Drum.  

Parent Advisory Group  

Just like last year, the PAG meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of the month via Zoom.  Please make sure you have signed up on your child’s Classroom Do Jo so that you can get the meeting link. The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 19, from 6 – 7 p.m.  

Family Nights 

The SUIMA Family Nights will be held on Wednesday nights.  A flier with dates will be published in the next Drum. 

Upcoming events 

  • Early Release every Friday! 
  • Aug. 25: No School – Tribal Departments, which includes the Education Department, are participating in Employee Appreciation Day. 
  • Sept. 4: No School – Labor Day.  
  • Sept. 8-10: The 101st Southern Ute Tribal Fair – “Bread of Unity.” 
  • Sept. 22: No School – Staff Professional Development Day. 

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