‘Pterosaurs: Ancient Rulers of the Sky’ on display at The Powerhouse

Photo Credit: The Powerhouse

The Powerhouse will be hosting “Pterosaur: Ancient Rulers of the Sky” in the exhibit gallery May 27 — September 17. This traveling exhibit engages and teaches visitors about a group of flying reptiles that lived between the Late Triassic through the Late Cretaceous Periods (228 to 66 million years ago) of the Mesozoic Era. This exhibition features fossil replicas of various pterosaur species as well as eight digital interactive stations showcasing the evolution, diversity, and lifestyle of pterosaurs. Presented locally by Carver Brewing and through the City of Durango Lodgers’ Tax: Arts and Culture funding, this traveling exhibit can be enjoyed by learners of all ages. 

“The Pterosaur exhibit brings new life to The Powerhouse gallery through ancient flying reptiles!” stated Powerhouse Director of Community Engagement, Sydnie Golden. “We are always looking for ways to expand our educational scope and this interactive and geographically relevant exhibit will provide our guests with an experience that is out of this time period!” 

Interactive cutting-edge digital displays allow visitors to “fly” through an immersive digital landscape using their arms to flap, duck, and lean, controlling their Pterosaur avatar as a sensor translates their movements to the screen. An interactive ‘x-ray’ display allows visitors to compare the bones in their own arm to the bones of a bat, eagle, and a Pterosaur. Motion sensors capture the user’s movements and simultaneously translate it to the movements and colors of the bones shown on-screen. 

Fossil replicas suspended from the ceiling will allow visitors to compare the impressive wingspan of different species of Pterosaurs, while an interactive replica display case will enable visitors to interact with different fossil replicas through virtual touch motion detectors. “Paint a Pterosaur” interactive tablet gives individuals the chance to use their fingers to both color and animate several species of pterosaurs. 

The Powerhouse will be hosting a kickoff event “Soar into Summer” outside on the Carver Family Plaza on Sunday, May 28 from 5pm-8pm to celebrate the opening of this exhibit. This family friendly event will feature live music from Dana Ariel and the Coming Up Roses, a bounce house, balloon art, with food and drink for purchase. 

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