Photo Credit: Courtesy SUIMA
Photo Credit: Courtesy SUIMA
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Eagle’s Nest: A brief reference for vowels in Ute 

Pɵˈɵkwatʉ – Eagle’s Nest 

You may notice I have a few Southern Ute words written throughout the articles I submit to the Drum. Recently, it was pointed out that it would be helpful to have the letter sounds provided for reference. 

Using the approved Ute Dictionary, I have provided a brief reference for the vowels that are encountered in the Southern Ute language. I hope you find it useful. 


‘ – as in taa’ – sounds like the air space between uh’oh 

_ – ‘ivetʉ – underline – means these vowels are devoiced. 

a – as in taa’ – sounds like a in father – means shirt, clothes 

e – as in ‘ivetʉ – sounds like e in met – means ‘on here’ 

i – as in ‘ivetʉ – sounds like i in Wii – means ‘on here’ 

o – as in ‘aghochi – sounds like o in note – means ‘dish’ 

ɵ – as in ‘ɵaqarʉ – sounds like er in her – means yellow 

u – as in ‘uwarʉ – sounds like o in who – means ‘rain’ 

ʉ – as in ʉʉ – sounds like oo while frowning – means ‘yes’ 


Montessori Tidbits 

What exactly is Montessori?  The Montessori method is a type of teaching curriculum.  It is an educational philosophy and approach that can be found in all sorts of settings, from small, humble schools to large, well-equipped campuses.  

In a nutshell, Montessori schools strive to build peaceful classrooms, have students who show care and responsibility, have a welcoming environment, and help students learn to collaborate and grow into productive and inclusive citizens of the world.   

The vision SUIMA has for its students align with these beliefs as we are creating future tribal and world leaders.  

Upcoming events – Fancy Fridays and early release every Friday! 

  • March 27 – Students return from Spring Break 
  • March 28 – UE students transition luncheon 
  • PAG via Zoom 
  • March 29 – Family Night in person 
  • March 30 – UE Food sale 
  • Infants/toddlers field trip to the IHS petting zoo 
  • March 31 – Spring pictures 
  • April 3 – 7 – Book Fair week 
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