Club Connect: Highlighting student intern, Destini Hernandez


What does club mean to you? 

“Club to me is an opportunity to learn” – Journii Cordova

Alexis Sandman is the BGC Youth of the Month

Our Youth of the Month focuses on acknowledging and making club members aware of their own unique character and abilities. As staff, we want to recognize them on their positive attributes seen in their club driven experience.   

Alexis Sandman – BGC Youth of the Month

For this month of January, our Youth of the Month award goes to Alexis Sandman. She has been with club for over two years and our staff enjoy seeing her at BGC. She comes to club in a good mood and shows all six pillars of Character Counts daily. In group, Alexis is a team player and goes the extra mile. She has a kind personality, and we admire how patient she is with everyone around her.

Congratulations Alexis on behave of BGCSU staff!  

Club Member Birthday Shout outs

  • Alexis, 11 years old
  • Shayne, 9 years old

BGC Shoutouts

Thank you to Permanent Fund Employees 2022 payroll deduction donors and new 2023 payroll deduction donors.  

BGC highlights

The Boys and Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe have been partnering with Fort Lewis College to offer their students a real-life learning experience. 

Destini Hernandez, BGC Student Intern – Fort Lewis College

We currently have a student intern, Destini Hernandez, who is majoring in Sociology and Human Service and will be graduating this coming May 2023. She has been working with our club since Sept. 2022. We appreciate her time working with our staff and club members.

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