Kwanachigani po’okwatu: Eagle’s Nest

Students at the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy assisted in erecting a tipi on Thursday, Nov. 10 just outside of the Ute Language Classroom. Zitaviyus Richards, Raphael Herrera, and Kiko Pardo work together to move tipi poles into the field.
Photo Credit: Divine Windy Boy | SU Drum

Parent teacher conferences build partnerships 

SUIMA’s parent teacher conferences were held last week, and our turnout was wonderful! Though we didn’t make 100% due to various circumstances, we did reach 95%! The purpose of conferences is to help set goals: culturally, socially, and academically.

Conferences also help build partnerships between home and school. But these partnerships involve more than just attending conferences. These partnerships build as soon as parents’ step through the door of the SUIMA office or their child’s classroom. Partnerships are also built through involvement and cooperation in the form of volunteering or being present in the community. 

We know that all parents lead very busy lives, and we thank you for taking the time to attend the conferences. We believe that the most important and effective involvement that parents can engage in is involvement with their own children. We also believe we have some awesome parents!

Comments heard during the conference week

  • I am so happy to see how far my child has progressed.
  • My child is happy when he/she comes to school.
  • My child loves being here. His/her teacher takes time to listen and makes him/her feel welcomed and important.
  • It is good to hear the staff speaking Ute, my child is speaking more at home.
  • There is so much more positivity this year! It makes it easier to drop my child off in the mornings.
  • It feels like a family, and we are all connected.
  • He/she keeps testing us on math! 
  • My child has learned to enjoy reading and reads at home all the time.
  • My child is reading an older Ute book he/she found at the grandparents’ house. 


(Ute phrases and sentences)

To help the families continue using Ute language at home, refer to these sentences next week.  

  • ˈúmu ‘áa’ túu’ay? – Are you fine?
  • ˈúu túu’ayinu. – Yes, I am fine.
  • Kachinu, tuu’ay wa. – Not me, I am not fine.
  • ˈúmu ‘áa’ wʉini? – Are you tired?
  • ˈúu wʉininu. – Yes, I am tired.
  • Kachinu, wʉini wa. – Not me, I am not tired.
  • núuchi – Ute People
  • pa’amanuni – all
  • núupacha – moccasin
  • tʉkay – eat
  • kumuy – corn
  • núuaghatʉaghochi – spirit plate

Upcoming events

  • 11/19 – Gourd Dance at Sun Ute, noon – 7 p.m.
  • 11/21-25 – No School: Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/1 – Upper Elementary Candy Cane Sale
  • 12/1-10 – Open Enrollment
  • 12/9 – No School: Leonard C. Burch Day
  • 12/20 – PAG via Zoom
  • 12/22 – Upper Elementary Bake Sale
  • 12/23-1/6 – No School: Christmas Break
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