The payroll department announces “Meet Your Match” grant opportunity

SW Community Foundation

The application for the Payroll Department’s $7,000 matching grants is now open. The deadline to apply is March 18. 

The Payroll Department partners with the Community Foundation serving Southwest Colorado to manage this grant opportunity for La Plata County nonprofits. Three “Meet Your Match” grants are available for La Plata County organizations that support efforts in youth, environment, or human services. The grant requires a 100% match of the funds from new revenue sources. The grant and its required match create a $14,000 infusion for each selected organization.  

The application is available under the nonprofit resources tab on the Community Foundation serving Southwest Colorado’s website,  

The Payroll Department focuses this funding opportunity on new or expanded programs of established nonprofits. Ideal applicants are seeking long-term funding for an expansion of services that will support our community in a meaningful way. 

“The Payroll Department’s matching grants are one of the more effective funding tools available locally for nonprofits,” says Tracy Pope, Deputy Director of the Community Foundation. “The grants are designed to create sustainable long-term donors for a growing nonprofit organization.” 

You do not have to be a client of the Payroll Department to be considered for the grant.

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