From the Eagle’s Nest

SUIMA: Eagles of the Week; Sage Velasquez and Clementine Carrillo

Kwanachigani pɵˈɵkwatʉ – Eagles Nest  

As we continue to stay as healthy as possible, thank you for wearing your masks and helping with the temperature checks.   

The infants and toddlers have been enjoying the leaves that are falling from their trees.  The guides have been helping make big piles so the children can bury themselves!  The Early childhood level (primary) are learning about pumpkins as they look forward to the field trip they will be taking to Jack-a-Lope Acres. And the elementary level is either finishing up swim lessons are just beginning the lessons. 

Family conference week is coming up, please join your child’s guides and teachers so you can be better informed about how your child is doing socially, emotionally, and academically. We are hoping to have 100% attendance.   

SUIMA will be trick-or-treating around the Tribal Campus.  Parents may join their children on Thursday, Oct. 28 as they venture to booths that are going to be set up outside of various departments. 


Tumiikukh kwanachiu – Eagles of the Week  

Sage Velasquez

Sage Velasquez 

Sage Velasquez is a Kindergartener who has been at SUIMA since she was seven months old in the infant room! 

Her favorite food is “Mac and Cheese” – Yummy!!     

Sage loves learning and listening to the Ute Language.  On a few occasions, she has even been known to correct the guides and teachers!  She loves coming to school because she is excited to learn and can’t wait to know what is being taught for the day.  

Her Ute name is, Wiichkʉ’ayɵvi which means “Morning Dove.”      

Sage enjoys taking care of others.  She loves being a “mama” role model to everyone around her, even to the adults.  

While at school, Sage can be found working on her reading, writing, and math. When asked about her favorite book, the answer is every book – she loves them all!  Sage works hard in every part of her day and thoroughly loves her school.  

Clementine Carrillo

Clementine Carrillo  

Clementine Carrillo is a Kindergartner who has been at SUIMA for three years. 

Her favorite food is broccoli!  Tasty!  

Clementine is very curious, likes to go on bike rides, paint, draw, and play outside with her brother and friends.  She loves listening to music, doing family activities and learning from her grandparents and great-grandparents. 

Her Ute name is Tʉiraachi which means “Little Deer.” 

While at school, Clementine can be found working on anything that has to do with math, science, and language.  She is very curious, asking questions and striking up conversations with anyone around her.  

One of her favorite books is Seeing Stars, a Complete Guide to the 88 Constellations by Sara Gillingham. 

Nuu’apaghapi – Ute phrases   

 ‘ipʉa ʉmʉ ‘asti’i?  What do you want? 

‘ipʉa inikh ‘ina mamachi maa’u?  What was that woman doing? 

Upcoming events 

  • 10/22 – Pumpkin splash 
  • 10/25-28/2021 – Family Conference week  
  • 10/26 – Parent Advisory Group, meeting virtually 
  • 10/28 – Halloween Trick-or-Treating on Tribal Campus 
  • 10/29 – No school 

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