BGC seeks additional board members

Boys and Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, Board of Director’s Treasurer, Oolcu Buckskin helps serve food during the Club’s annual “End of Summer” barbeque on Friday, August 9, 2019 at Shoshone Park.
McKayla Lee | SU Drum archive

The Boys & Girls Club (BGC) of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Board of Directors is looking for four new volunteers to join and serve the BGC in a board member position. Currently the board is compiled of six members, all members are volunteering from the local Ignacio community.  

New board members must be appointed by the Southern Ute Tribal Council. Member terms are three-year lengths, which can be renewed when terms are close to ending, there are 10 board seats and half of the seats must be occupied by Southern Ute tribal membersThe board helps to establish the identity and strategic direction for the Boys & Girls Club. They work hand in hand with Tribal Council to ensure that the Club has sufficient resources and help oversee certain aspects of the Club’s operations and administration.  

In order to join the board, all interested parties must complete and submit an application to Chief Executive Officer of the Boys & Girls Club, Bruce LeClaire.  

“The Board of Directors is responsible for knowing and effectively articulating the mission, vision, core values, goals, policies, and program areas of the Club,” SUIT Boys & Girls Club Board President, Nathan Strong Elk explained. “Members of the Board must attend meetings regularly and attend sub-committee meetings on a regular basis; they will also attend a minimum of one priority event and one club event annually.” The board meets virtually on every second Monday of each month because of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the closures of tribal buildings.  

Members of the board are thoughtful leaders who have helped make significant contributions to the community and have brought their own unique set of skills to work in collaboration with BGC, the Tribe and the youth. “We are looking for somebody who has a passion to help our children and youth — to help them work toward their own goals and to support their futures,” Strong Elk stated.  

The Tribe’s BGC Board of Directors have to serve on a sub-committee and sometimes serve in an officer position as well. Currently, the board officer positions are Board President, Vice President, Secretary of the Board and Treasurer of the Board.   

  • Professional Development Committee 
    • The board development committee oversees recruitment to ensure the board has diverse representation, orientation for new board members, on-going professional development, oversees the individual, board and CPO assessment process, retention, and board member accomplishments.  
  • Financial Development Committee 
    • The fundraising committee identifies, pursues, and organizes potential fundraising opportunities in the community in order to support the Boys & Girls Clubs general operating budget and other revenues.  
  • Safety Committee 
    • Ensures the Club has adequate safety policies and procedure in place. 
    • Reviews the Club safety assessment, completed on the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s website. 
    • Reviews Behavioral and Accident Reports regularly 

In addition to serving on sub-committees, BGC board members must maintain confidentiality of sensitive information and conduct oneself as a model for children in a manner that exemplifies high character. The Club’s Board of Directors are entrusted to create a club vision, plan programs, develop funding, and more. They are looking for experienced people who are invested in the community’s youth and who are excited about being a key component in the organization. 

“Serving on the board has helped me give back to the community and to be a supportive person in young people’s lives,” Strong Elk expressed. “Being a positive role model helps to ensure that the younger people are going to find ways to harness and achieve academic excellence, respect of culture and diversity.” 

You must be 18 years of age or older to join the BGC Board of Directors, you can be a tribal member or non-tribal member. This opportunity to serve is open to the community. The board is seeking individuals with a wide range of skills, to help build the diversity of the board now.  

“The pandemic has been holding us back a little bit, but we are open to more applicants now. We screen each individual through a background check and once they pass, we screen their application then make a recommendation to Tribal Council for appointment,” Strong Elk said.  

The importance of Boys & Girls Club leadership cannot be overstated. Across America, more than 30,000 volunteer leaders represent the strength and diversity of local club boards. Board members are a reflection of the communities in which they live and work.  

“As the president I want to express my appreciation and thank our current board members for their time and dedication — we are a fun group of hard workers, and we want to have more people join this team so together we can help our young people,” Strong Elk said.  

Applications are available on the BGC website at or by request from Club CEO Bruce LeClaire at 970- 563-2694 or 

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