Lower Elementary and Primary students dance around the cafeteria during the school dance party in 2019.
Aislinn Ryder Educational Assistant
Photo Credit: McKayla Lee | SU Drum archive
Photo Credit: SUIMA
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Music, a point of interest and a way to express yourself

From the Eagles Nest

Music. It can be heard everywhere and there is a style and sound for everyone. 

As COVID-19 arrived, many musical venues, concerts and local celebrations had to be postponed or cancelled, along with the music that was going to be enjoyed. Yet, musical artists still created; radio stations still announced; and people still sang. 

Looking back over the past year, music has continued to be a point of interest and a way to express our frustrations. Musicians started creating songs and lyrics in their basements. Whole choirs offered their music through virtual platforms, and artists that were unknown, have become hits with the public. 

In Nashville there is even a singing doctor!  He is quick to point out that music helps heal and can reach people the way medicine can’t. If it weren’t’ for the pandemic, we may have never known the talents out there.   

According to the Rolling Stones magazine, there has been an increase in sales of acoustic guitars.  Songs about family and togetherness have become forefront in the musical arena.  

Musicians have found ways to collaborate with one another through other avenues and Paul McCartney even wrote a song and played all the instrumentals using computer technology!  Dancing, which is tied so strongly with music, has also been creative. 

Via virtual means, ballerinas still choreograph dance moves; dance lessons can be done at home; and there are even social groups that have met through the internet. 

In the recent Montessori conference, hundreds of teachers danced together via a virtual platform. Here at SUIMA, during the virtual classroom time, the students are singing and dancing almost every day. Whether it be the baby shark song or a song for handwashing, music carries on. 

While COVID-19 has caused problems and a few disruptions, music and dancing are still here. As we have all been in this together, keep a song in your heart and dance, dance, dance! 

Aislinn Ryder
Educational Assistant

SUIMA staff spotlight 

 For this edition of the Eagles Nest, our focus is on SUIMA staff member Aislinn Ryder, who has worked with SUIMA for two years. 

In the past, she was an After-School Program aide, but is now an Educational Assistant, working with the 3-6-year-old students. 

Before coming to work at SUIMA, Aislinn was in school here in Ignacio.  Including her mom and dad, Aislinn has three brothers, along with three pets. In her spare time, she hangs out with her friends and enjoys working on art projects. 

The advice that Aislinn would like to pass on to students out there is to “Keep believing in yourself and work hard at anything you want in life.”   

Thank you Aislinn for being part of the SUIMA family.  


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