Ignacio School District Plan for opening schools in 2020-2021

Ignacio School District


School reopening plan stresses safety and encourages flexibility through cooperation with staff, parents/guardians, and students. The goal continues to be high academic growth for students in a safe and supportive environment.

Regular Start is scheduled for the 2020-21 school year. There will be safety precautions in place that emphasize spacing and sanitizing on buses, playgrounds, and within each school.

The district will provide training and resources to staff for teaching on-line courses through the Colorado Digital Learning Service (CDLS) in August to allow for flexibility in the case of the situation changing. Students will become familiar with the format in the first few weeks of school.

Families will have the option of accessing their education at the school or online and will be registered accordingly. There could be movement between the two as the situation changes throughout the year. There will be no packets.

Parents to take student/children temperatures every day. Staff, including subs, will take their temperatures each day as well.

District to utilized space and sanitizing in an efficient and safe way.

Masks will be encouraged, but optional, especially in closed spaces for students and staff.


Care money to be used to maximize safety (space and sanitizing) and increase the ability for students to access education via technology (allows for flexibility throughout the year if the situations changes)

Technology has been upgraded to support student learning regardless of the situation

Staff to be trained on both issues of safety and the efficient use of technology

Early Release professional development

Established common guidelines and expectations to support online learning while continuing to focus on the educational needs of the students


Student arrival in the mornings

(coordinated with transportation director)

  • Elementary will have students check into their individual classrooms using the outside classroom door
  • High School and Middle school will have students enter through the main entryway and immediately proceed to lockers and their first hour class

Classroom and Library Safety

  • All schools will employ spacing, systematic wipe down of desks/computers, after each use
  • Disinfectant bombs will be used in all rooms each evening’
  • Hand washing will be encouraged throughout the day
  • All schools will work to keep common groups together throughout the day (this will be toughest at the high school where schedules do not always align)
  • Any medical issues in the classrooms will be turned over the school Nurse immediately

Hallway Passing Periods

  • All schools will have students practice safe spacing in hallways (i.e. students staying on the right half of the hallway during passing periods)
  • Students will move in common groups when required (i.e. breakfast, lunch and elementary PE)


  • All schools will utilize several periods to serve lunch
  • Lunch areas will utilize space both inside and outside of the school
  • Playgrounds will also be separated into distinct areas
  • Common groupings will be utilized to the best of each schools ability

School Release

  • All schools will release students to buses or to walk home in a systematic way that encourages space.
  • Athletes will report to their respective sports as indicated by the athletic guidelines

Daily School schedule

  • School will begin and release at normally scheduled times
  • There will be modifications made to each schools schedule to accommodate breakfast and separate lunches in coordination with the food service director (school staff will assist as needed with both serving and clean-up)


Bussing to and from school for students

  • 23 students on each bus
  • 1 student per seat
  • Students arranged Elem in front, Middle in middle, High school in back
  • Two busses to go to stops as need (potential late start for some, but not likely)
  • Pick up drop off to one address onlu – No exceptions
  • No in town drop offs … this includes BGC, EL High, School to School (staff to walk students if needed or Walking bus)
  • Requires two additional routes, New bus will be used on that note. No late starts at this time. Athletic events will be secondary to academics, buses will finish routes and then take athletes to events. Some athletic events will require two buses on occasion but there are exemptions around this issue from the state.

Bus Drop off and pick up at schools

  • Normal drop off and pick up with buses. Start time and ending times will not be adjusted unless there is need.
  • If there are issues, short routes will be picked up after long routes and that would only delay students 10-15 minutes.

Safety concerns that the district will address when students are riding the busses

  • Fresh air as much as possible
  • Disinfected after each use


Breakfast at each of the schools

Middle School and High School

  • Students will be brought to the cafeteria from their classrooms
  • Students will eat in classrooms after they get their food

Elementary School

  • Students will eat in their classroom at the elementary. Carts will be used to distribute food to the classrooms using elementary staff.
  • Milk is an issue going to the classroom, and a system will be put into place to address those concerns (spills, left over milk, etc)

Lunch at all schools

  • Each school will set a lunch schedule to minimize the amount of students that will use the cafeteria and the eating areas
  • Each school will have multiple lunch times and eating spaces
  • Each school will utilize space and common groups.
  • Tables have been ordered to accommodate different eating spaces (inside and outside).
  • Each school will have multiple designated areas for recess


  • Disposable trays will be used for breakfast.
  • All tables, trays, and surfaces will be disinfected after each use
  • School staff to assist with food distribution and clean up


  • Custodians will fog rooms once a day. Fogging will begin at 6 pm each night. Fogger has a diluted solution and it has been tested. A capful of solution per gallon. It dissipates quickly
  • Washing stations are portable and will be utilized at each entrance and at other needed areas throughout the school day (esp. lunch/recess). They hold 5 gallons of a sanitizing mix (8 for the district)
  • Classroom furniture and equipment will be wiped down after each class.
  • High use areas of the school will be wiped down several times a day (door handles, etc.)


Health issues and concerns

  • Parents will take student temperatures every morning before they leave for school.
  • 25 thermometers purchased to address potentially sick students in a timely fashion
  • The school has the option take a student’s temperature randomly (spot check) throughout a school day by the school nurse.
  • Cooperation with parents and guardians for quick pick up when children are ill
  • Systemic hand washing throughout the building includes hand washing stations and scheduled times for washing hands
  • Each classroom to have the ability and procedure to disinfect several times throughout the day and after each use.
  • Mask or Shield use is encouraged but not required unless a person is ill
  • Animals will not be allowed on the school premises.


The CHSAA associate and assistant commissioners are proceeding with guidelines and standards for resuming fall sports on their scheduled start dates.

All sport-specific plans will have the oversight and review of the CHSAA’s sports medicine advisory committee, which includes mental health professionals, before they are released to the membership for implementation.

Our primary and only objective, while acknowledging that we are still in the midst of a national pandemic, will be to resume athletics and activities with the safety and well-being of our participants, coaches, officials, staff and school communities in the forefront.

We anticipate that guidelines established in August will follow a similar format to the summer workouts and expectations around spacing, masks wearing, and sanitizing of equipment.


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