Academy student, Amonnie Johnson works on a Craft Time project from home. Students are encouraged to stay motivated and creative in their various learning activities as the school year comes to a close during the COVID-19 closures.
Tempted not eat the soup, Sage Velasquez makes her own version of Alphabet Soup.
Photo Credit: Candi Johnson
Photo Credit: Courtesy Rhiannon Velasquez
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SUIMA: From the Eagle’s Nest

Good-parenting practices we really know

As Southern Ute Indian Montessori Indian Academy (SUIMA) students continue to learn remotely from home, it helps to have a little reminder of all those good-parenting practices we really know, but sometimes forget in the day-to-day safety net of our homes.

Here is a list of some helpful tips as we all work through this stage in our lives called COVID-19:

Don’t forget the basics: Is your child getting enough sleep?  Is he/she eating healthy?  Keep bedtime calm and consistent.

Be consistently consistent: Unrushed, regular routines provide comfort and security.  Whenever possible make every effort to allow adequate time, stick to schedules and provide a routine, allow for unstructured play time.  When things are out of the “norm,” prepare you child for what’s to come.

Read! Read! Read!  Read together with your children everyday.  When the library and bookstores open up, take a visit.  Make reading a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Play games, tell jokes, and sing! Put away the electronics and give your brain a real workout by playing a game of Candy Land!

Give the gift of gab: Our children learn words and language through listening to us.  Even though it might be happening as we are all staying safe in our homes, talk to your children at every, and any, opportunity. When you are in your car, talk about what you are seeing out the window.  You may feel silly doing this but remember that you are giving your child the precious gift of language and a rich vocabulary.

It’s okay to give hugs!  At this time, your children may need a little more cuddle time with you.

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