From the Eagle’s Nest

Tia Howe, Victoria Pena and Kellis Wilbourn hang out on the jungle gym during recess.
Trennie Collins | The Southern Ute Drum

Promoting emotional health and development

A Montessori education promotes your child’s emotional health and development. It helps your child to constantly grow in independence, self-esteem and self-confidence so they can succeed in life as an adult.

Social development occurs in a Montessori classroom such that your child is given the opportunity to interact with others all day long. They are taught how to collaborate, to resolve conflicts peacefully, to understand real friendship, and to respect and care for others.

In a world that values fierce competition and winning at all costs, this seems to go against the grain of society. However – it is vital for developing the child into the kind of adult who can promote world peace.

Intellectual development, of course, is also one of the goals of education. Such development is extremely difficult if your child does not have healthy relationships with others and a strong value system.

If your child is in an emotional state over a disagreement with a close friend, a common situation for elementary-aged children, it is impossible for him to concentrate on an academic task. Academic success builds on the foundation of social development.

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