Western Colorado poet and political legend Art Goodtimes visits CMU

Storytelling is perhaps the oldest form of creative expression. It is one of the vital foundations of society, culture and the human imagination. The Poets & Writers of CMU Reading Series brings storytellers – poets, essayists and writers of fiction – to the Grand Valley community. The CMU Department of Languages, Literature and Mass Communication will host one of the region’s great story tellers as an example of the university’s liberal arts mission in action.

Art Goodtimes is a legend in western Colorado. He served for decades as the only Green Party elected official in the state. Goodtimes never apologized for his politics that were, by his own admission, outside the local mainstream. But he didn’t need to apologize. Goodtimes was then, and remains today, a model of civility, learnedness and thoughtfulness. He emulates depth of character articulated through the spoken and written word. Beyond his speaking and writing, Goodtimes’ ideas are followed by action. As a result, he has always been revered by people of all political and professional dispositions.

Among the achievements of Goodtimes are his literary works and career as a poet. On Wednesday, September 18, Goodtimes will teach a mythology class with John Nizalowski, PhD. and will conduct a public poetry reading and presentation. Goodtimes will also join CMU President Tim Foster on CMU-TV for an interview and discussion.

The political career of Goodtimes is well known. However, his visit to CMU will focus on his poetry, teaching mythology and working with students.

“Art Goodtimes has been a major force in poetry and journalism on the Western Slope for more than three decades,” said CMU Professor of English John Nizalowski, PhD. “A member of the San Francisco Poetry Renaissance, Goodtimes brought this movement’s passion to his adopted San Juan Mountain home. His poetry readings are legendary, and he has been a vital mentor to many of the region’s poets and writers.”

Art was awarded a Colorado Council on the Arts poetry fellowship in 1989, has been poet-in-residence of the Telluride Mushroom Festival for 39 years and was named Western Slope Poet Laureate from 2011-13.

“I am truly looking forward to our discussion about western Colorado and the career of Commissioner Goodtimes,” said CMU President Tim Foster. “Universities are supposed to engage students with people who hold and express a wide range of beliefs and ideas. Art Goodtimes has always enriched our regional community and I’m pleased to have him on campus.”

Community members interested in attending the reading should contact the CMU Department of Languages, Literature, and Mass Communications at

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