From the Eagle’s Nest

SUIMA students, Ava Naranjo and Luna Rodriquez spend some time “hanging out.”
Photo Credit: courtesy Rhiannon Velasquez | SU Indian Montessori Academy

The writings of Maria Montessori are for parents as well as teachers. She believed that “Education must start at birth” and that parents “Are the first and most important teachers.”

Montessori, as well as other child development experts, believe that a child’s first six years are the foundation for all future learning. What a powerful way of stating how influential parents are on their children.

No matter the family structure, each child from zero to six years old takes in the sights, sounds, language, tensions, arguments, laughter and love that surrounds them. Maria Montessori called this — The Absorbent Mind.

SUIMA Events and Activities

  • Oct. 14 – Parent Advisory Group – 6 p.m. in the dining hall.
  • Oct. 16 – Infants and toddlers field trip to Sutherland Farm’s
  • Oct. 17 – Primary classes 1 and 4 field trip to Sutherland Farm’s
  • Oct. 18 – Primary classes 2 and 3 field trip to Sutherland Farm’s
  • Oct. 21-24 – Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Oct. 23 – 6th year students to the Ignacio High School Career Fair
  • Oct. 25 – No School
  • Oct. 28-30 – AMS accreditation team visiting
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