Southern Ute Education Department: Student of the Season

Donovan Watts-Werito | Ignacio Elementary School
Photo Credit: McKayla Lee | The Southern Ute Drum

Southern Ute tribal member Donovan Watts-Werito has been nominated as the Southern Ute Student of the Season for the Spring of 2019. Watts-Werito currently attends the fifth grade at Ignacio Elementary School. His parents are Rena Watts and Shane Werito.


“Donovan is an amazing young man, wonderful student and an awesomely positive role model. He works hard, loves to laugh and always finds joy in learning! I hope he keeps up the fantastic work,” Southern Ute Public Education Teacher Dorian Romero shared. “He is a curious, bright young man who isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. He always makes me smile and I love having him in code club,” Distant Learning Coordinator Nicole Cabral said.


“We are so very proud of our young man. He is always wanting to learn new things every day and teach his siblings what he has learned. He is so loving and strong hearted. He definitely brings us so much joy,” Donovan’s family expressed.



McKayla Lee: Why do you think you have been nominated to be student of the season?


Donovan Watts-Werito: Because I do good in school and I learn new stuff each day which makes me smarter and that’s why I’ve been nominated


ML: What do you like most about school?


DWW: Well I like math. It’s my favorite subject, because it’s easier than my other classes.


ML: Do you like anything else about school?


DWW: Yeah, I like science because you learn about what kind of clouds there are, what’s in the ocean and what goes on in the human body.


ML: Do you have any role models in your life?


DWW: Uhm, there’s my aunties and uncles, my mom and dad, my cousins and the people that care about me.


ML: Are you looking forward to high school?


DWW: Yea, in high school they have harder math which I’m excited to learn.


ML: Do you have an idea of what you might want to do after high school?


DWW: I want to join the U.S. Army.


ML: Really, why?


DWW: Because I want to protect the people I love.


ML: Are you proud of yourself for being student of the season?


DWW: Yes.


ML: How does it make you feel?


DWW: Proud, because I do good in school and I learn how I can do better.



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