Southern Ute Education Department: Student of the Season

Julianna Barry | Ignacio Elementary School
McKayla Lee | The Southern Ute Drum


Southern Ute tribal member Julianna Barry has been nominated as the Southern Ute Student of the Season for the Spring of 2019. Barry currently attends the first grade at Ignacio Elementary School. Her parents are LeNora and Preston Barry.


“Julianna is a wonderful, kind, caring, thoughtful, friendly and shy young girl. She excels scholastically and is a great listener,” Southern Ute Public Education Teacher, Carrie Vogel stated. “Julianna is a 6-piller Bobcat. In the Classroom she is very kind, caring and helping. Julianna works hard in her education and goes above and beyond.”


“Julianna is very smart, beautiful, helpful and loving,” Julianna’s family shared. “She loves art and would do arts and crafts every day if given the opportunity. She’s also an amazing slime maker and can whip up a batch of slime in no time. On the weekends Julianna loves spending time with her cousins and family,” expressed Julianna’s family.



McKayla Lee: Why do you think you have been nominated to be student of the season?


Julianna Barry: Because I’m good.


ML: Because your good? What are you good at?


JB: I’m good at reading.


ML: What do you like most about school?


JB: Umm, reading.


ML: Do you like anything else about school?


JB: Yeah. I like science because you can do cool things.


ML: Do you have any role models in your life?


JB: The fourth graders.


ML: Yeah, why are they your role models?


JB: Because they’re older and they help us. Sometimes when we don’t get everything done they help us finish our work.

ML: Are you looking forward to high school?


JB: (nods head)


ML: Do you have an idea of what you might want to do after high school?


JB: Work.


ML: What do you want to do for work?


JB: I want to draw.


ML: Are you proud of yourself for being student of the season?


JB: Yes, because I’ve never been it.


ML: How does it make you feel?


JB: I feel awesome.



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