Southern Ute Education Department: Student of the Season


Southern Ute student, Dominique Rael has been nominated as the Winter of 2019 Southern Ute Student of the Season by her teachers. Rael currently attends Ignacio Middle School as an eighth-grade student. Her mother is Jasmine Weaver.


“We enjoy having Dominique at afterschool tutoring. She is always very cooperative and is such a pleasure to be around. Her smile is contagious– which is so great for us to see!” Ignacio Middle School secretary Mrs. Ruybal stated.

“Dominique is a quiet student yet she seems to enjoy being around all her friends. It is such a pleasure and a fun surprise when she speaks up in class!” Southern Ute Public Education Teacher, Julie Stone said.

“Dominique is always so nice with a big smile to brighten anyone’s day. She’s a very smart girl, we are very proud of her and we love her dearly,” Dominique’s family shared.


ML: Are you excited for high school?


DR: (laughs) no.


ML: Do you have any siblings?


DR: Yeah, I have four. I’m the second oldest.


ML: What do you like best about school?


DR: Just seeing my friends.


ML: What is your favorite subject in school?


DR: Math, because its easy.


ML: Do you have any role models in your life?


DR: Just my grandma, because she tells me what to do.


ML: Do you know what you would like to do after high school yet?


DR: I want to do something with music.


ML:  Do you play any instruments?


DR: Yeah, I play the piano.


ML: How did you get into playing?


DR: I saw my brother start playing first and I wanted to learn too.


ML: Why do you think you’ve been nominated for student of the season?


DR: I don’t know, I think because I’m quiet. I kind of do good in school too.


ML: So you attend afterschool tutoring right? Is that fun?


DR: Yes, its fun. I get to see my friends.


ML: Are you proud of yourself for being student of the season?


DR: A little bit.


Dominique Rael | Ignacio Middle School
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