Southern Ute Education Department: Student of the Season

Kandin Johnson- Second Grade Ignacio Elementary Student
Photo Credit: McKayla Lee | The Southern Ute Drum

Southern Ute tribal member Kandin Johnson has been nominated as the Southern Ute Student of the Season for the Winter of 2019. Johnson attends the second grade at Ignacio Elementary School. His parents are Candi and Brandon Johnson.

“Kandin is an outgoing, energetic, fun young man who makes me smile. He is a natural storyteller, good friend, kind hearted and thoughtful,” Southern Ute Public Education Teacher,  Carrie Vogel said. “Kandin is an energetic, kind and hardworking young man. He has improved immensely this year in everything due to his hard work and the support from home.”

“Kandin is such a blessing and a joy,” Kandin’s family exclaimed. “He is so full of life and energy. He enjoys skateboarding, baseball, basketball, wrestling, flag football, snowboarding, beyblades, pokeman, youtube, and being a Lego master. He can whip up a car or Beyblade in no time! He is so creative, kind, funny, loving, talkative and respectful. Kandin has worked hard this year and has come a long way. We are very proud of him and his dedication to school he currently has a one hundred percent attendance record. Kandin is blessed to have such an amazing supportive team cheering him on. Thank you, Mrs. Vogel and Mrs. Christensen, for all you do for Kandin and for the nomination of Southern Ute Student of Winter,” expressed Kandin’s family.



ML: Why do you think you’ve been nominated for the Student of the Season for Winter of 2019?


Kandin Johnson: Well because I’m doing good.


ML: What do you like most about school?


KJ: When I read, my favorite book is ‘pigeon’ it’s about this bird and I almost got a one hundred percent for reading that book!


ML: Do you have a favorite subject in school?


KJ: When I did that science track, it was so cool!


ML: Do you have any role models Kandin?


KJ: No, I don’t need any role models. I can do it ALL by myself.


ML: What do you want to do when you grow up?


KJ: Uhm, I don’t know. I really want to go to High School though.


ML: Do you play any sports?


KJ: I wrestle and I play basketball. I skateboard too and I snowboard. I went out this season and it was so legit.


ML: How has school been going for you overall? Do you have friends?


KJ: I have one friend, Kira. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Christensen she teaches us math and learning.


ML: Is there anything in school that you’re excited for, or anything else you want to share?


KJ: I’m just excited for math and I guess I’m proud of myself.


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