GoodTracks-Alires awarded Floyd scholarship

Keifer GoodTracks-Alires, a Southern Ute tribal member and a 2016 Bayfield High School graduate, was awarded this year’s annual Elbert J. Floyd Award on Thursday, June 2.  The scholarship is given to an outstanding tribal member student every year.

GoodTracks-Alires accepted the scholarship in front of family, friends and Tribal Council inside Council Chambers. The Floyd family has been giving out the scholarship each year since Elbert J. Floyd passed away in 1985, in honor of Floyd’s relationship with the tribe. Floyd worked with the tribe for 20 years and is remembered for his interest in the educating the youth. Presenting this year’s award was John L. Floyd, grandson of Elbert J. Floyd.

“He always understood the importance of education and he was very proud to watch members of the tribe work hard to advance their schooling or training,” John L. Floyd said.

Floyd commended GoodTracks-Alires for his accomplishments and provided some advice to graduate.

“As you continue your education I want to offer a few simple bits of advice, show up early, work hard and ask a lot questions if you do those things life becomes pretty easy.”

“Congratulations Keifer” Council lady Amy J. Barry said. “Good luck, times get hard reaching goals but know that you have a good supporting family … I see you succeeding.”

Vice Chair Lorelei Cloud said she looks forward to seeing Keifer succeed and helping his people with their health and fitness.

Chairman Clement J. Frost told GoodTracks-Alires that the Creator has already given him the tools to succeed he just has to stay on the right path to accomplish his goals.

“Prepare yourself for the future … you have all the necessary things that have been taught to you by your [family],” Frost said.

This year the Sunshine Cloud Smith Youth Advisory Council helped Tribal Council make the selection. Youth Council members were at the presentation and offered words of support to GoodTracks-Alires.

“Congratulations,” Elijah Weaver said. “I read your recommendation and from what I read you’re a good leader.”

GoodTracks-Alires said he hopes to come back and help the tribe and tribal members with health and physical fitness.

“I really want to thank my family … I want to thank Tribal Council for recognizing me for the award and the Floyd family for giving me this scholarship and helping me further my education as I go on to my own path in life,” GoodTracks-Alires said.

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