Get Involved! Parenting in Education  


You have a direct impact on your student’s success in school. These are just a few suggestions that can help you show your student how you support his/her efforts in school.


Prepare for important decisions

As your student grows, he/she will have to make important choices. Be a part of these choices by discussing classes, special projects, extracurricular activities and college preparation.


Discuss academics

The more you are aware the better you can help prepare your student. Talk about upcoming exams, reports and presentations.

Make sure your student understands the assignment or test materials and prepares. Ensure your student spends enough time on assignments and studying so he/she can provide quality work. If the student encounters problems with the work and help is needed, work together to find solutions.


Outline your expectations

  • Be clear about homework expectations: Complete, on time, and of good quality.
  • Set a time for your student to be home from school (or school activities) and a way to contact you if there is a delay.
  • Be clear about family expectations and how you want your child to uphold them.


Establish limits and boundaries

  • Limit the amount of TV time
  • Set boundaries on computer use and gaming, and monitor the use of the available technology in your home (use the parental control features if necessary)
  • Set a cutoff time for phone use
  • Establish a “lights out” time to ensure your student is getting enough sleep.


Find approaches and methods that work best for you and your student to establish a strong support system throughout your student’s schooling. Success starts at home.


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