Get Involved! The Parents’ Guide to Education

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Help with your Child’s Education

You play an important role in maintaining contact with your student’s school. This article provides some easy ways to help create a clear and healthy line of communication.

Get to know the faculty

Attend parent–teacher conferences and find out the best method of contact for the teacher. If you have questions or concerns contact the teacher as soon as possible and set up a time to discuss the issue.  Don’t wait to address a problem or concern.

Respond to school communications promptly

Ask your student for any school information or forms daily.  Respond or fill out the forms or requests right away and check for due dates to be sure they are returned when required.

Keep a calendar

Have a copy of a school and /or class calendar to keep track of events, due dates, & meetings. Check the school website regularly.

Let the School Know About your Student’s Needs

  • Communicate about:
  • The student’s learning strengths & challenges
  • Heath issues (medications, allergies, etc.)
  • Changes at home, family needs, or events that might affect the student’s school performance

Providing god information about your student will help the school better meet his/her needs.

Maintain open communication with your student as well

Make time to talk with your student daily.  Give him/her the opportunity to share what is going on in their daily life and be willing to listen.









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