Get Involved!  The Parents’ Guide to Education

Help with your Child’s Education

In this article we will provide ways to help keep track of your student’s performance at school.

Progress Reports and Report Cards

  • Discuss where the student is doing well and where improvement is needed.
  • Talk about ways the student can improve a low grade and how you can help.
  • Schedule a time to meet with your student’s instructor to discuss concerns about grades and academic progress.


Know the Requirements

Find out what kind of requirements – such as testing, courses, state requirements-your student must meet in order to advance to the next grade or graduate. Schedule an appointment with the school counselor to ensure your student is making adequate progress and to discuss education plans and goals that will best fit the student.


Class Schedule

Discuss the requirements and goals for each class on your student’s schedule. If there is a class the student is struggling in, talk with the teacher and discuss ways you can help at home as well as additional help that may be available at school.


Explore Available Resources 

Check the school or other organizations to see what is offered. Some resources may include:

  • Online access to student progress
  • Homework resources
  • After-school programs
  • Tutoring
  • Library resources
  • Academic clubs/study groups


Acknowledge Your Students’ Success

Remember, students enjoy recognition for their progress too!


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