Get Involved! The parents’ guide to education

Help with your Child’s Education

In this issue we will provide some ways to support learning at home. When you show respect to school and education it is more likely your students will as well. A positive attitude towards teachers, schoolwork and school related activities can be contagious. Discuss the importance of personal responsibility with your student and encourage him/her to put forth their best effort.

Help with homework

  • Prepare a place for your student to study and work
  • It should be quite
  • Well lit
  • Have supplies available
  • Set a time to complete homework
  • Be available for help (do not do their work for them)

If your student is struggling with the homework make sure this gets communicated to the teacher.


Remove Distraction

Limit phone and TV time and be consistent. Make sure homework is completed first.


Involvement in School Activities

Support your student in participating in school related activities. Look into various school sponsored activities with your student and discuss what might be interesting to him/her. Emphasize the importance of completing work for school so your students can participate in the activity.


Know your Student’s Goals

Find time to discuss future goals with your student. Talk about how you can help and support your student to meet his/her goals for school, college and whatever lies ahead.

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