Ignacio High School votes

Ignacio High School students vote
Ignacio High School students cast their votes during a mock General Election for the Southern Ute Tribal Council.
Photo Credit: Shirielle Garcia | Ignacio High School

All Native American students were invited to participate in a “mock” Southern Ute General Election. The Native American Youth Organization (NAYO) and Native Studies class worked hard to bring the election together. Students made posters to show what candidates had to offer through their letters of intent. They voted on mock ballots and here were the results!

Southern Ute Tribal Council Chairman:

Clement J. Frost: 31

(Dutchie: 9, Cuthair: 8)

Southern Ute Tribal Council:

Amy J. Barry: 20, TIE between: Tyson Thompson: 15 and Andrew C. Frost: 15

(Torres: 5, GoodTracks: 6, Cloud: 12, Doughty: 4, Latham: 2)

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