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Southern Ute Brave – quarterly report

Nathan Maes
Nathan Maes Jr. - Southern Ute Brave 2013-2014
Photo Credit: Ace Stryker | The Southern Ute Drum

Hello everyone

My name is Nathan Maes Jr. I am your Southern Ute Little Brave 2013-2014. I am first of all very proud to be chosen to represent our tribe.

In these last three months I have been to four powwows. I have been to the Southern Ute Fair Powwow, the Veterans Powwow, the mini powwow at the Southern Ute Museum, and one away powwow in Fort Duchesne, Utah for the Thanksgiving Powwow.

I enjoyed myself helping and making people smile and laugh at the tribal thanksgiving dinner as well and hope to see everyone at the Christmas dinner this month.  I have enjoyed myself learning and meeting new friends on the powwow trail.

Thank you for giving me this chance to learn more about my tradition and honor of being the Southern Ute Little Brave. May creator bless everyone with a very happy holiday season.

Thank you,

Southern Ute Little Brave

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