Maleina J. Carel Junior Miss Southern Ute 2023-2024
Photo Credit: Divine Windy Boy | The Southern Ute Drum
Photo Credit: Divine Windy Boy | The Southern Ute Drum
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Royalty Quarterly Report: Jr. Miss Southern Ute

Maleina Carel

My name is Maleina Carel and I’m currently the Jr. Miss Southern Ute for 2023- 2024. I am 16 years old and in the 10th grade. My bands are Mouache-Capote and Weeminuche. My maternal grandparents are Hardy Joy Sr. and the late Anna Weaver. My great grandparents on my paternal side are James Price Sr. and Linda Lopez of Towoac, Colo. My paternal grandparents are the late Vernest Carel and Marlene Price Carel. My parents are Marie Joy (Carel) and Vern Carel. I have an older sister, Rhianna Carel and I currently serve on the Powwow Committee. 

I would like to share my quarterly report of the events that I have attended and participated in so far this year. 

December 2023 

I attended the End of Term Celebration for Council members Dr. Stacey Oberly and Linda Baker and for Chairman Melvin J. Baker, the inauguration ceremony for the newly elected council member Andrew Gallegos, the Southern Ute Tribal Christmas Dinner, the inauguration ceremony for the newly elected Chairman Melvin J. Baker and Tribal Council member Marty Pinnecoose. 

January 2024 

  • Jan. 13: Community Powwow at the Multi-Purpose Facility in Ignacio, where I did my introduction and welcomed everyone to the powwow. 
  • Jan. 19: Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy talent show, I participated in dancing and did an introduction to welcome everyone that was there. 
  • Jan. 22: Storytelling at the Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum. I shared a story about the Bear Dance. 

February 2024 

  • Feb. 5: Story telling at the Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum. I shared a story about the Ute Creation story told by the late Alden Naranjo egap.
  • Feb. 9: I participated in dancing and did an introduction at the Jicarilla Day Powwow in Dulce, N.M.
  • Feb. 10: I attended the Sweetheart Powwow at the Multi-Purpose Facility here in Ignacio. I participated in the two-step contest with my dancing partner Glen Garcia and we took second place. I also participated in the potato dance with my sister Rhianna Carel and we won first place. That was a fun powwow and I really enjoyed myself.
  • Feb. 26: We were asked to do an interview by Native Lens Media Fellowship for their short film and short story. They wanted royalty to share their experiences as Tribal Royalty so it may inspire and be educational for the younger people. It was as an honor and a fun experience to be interviewed. I enjoyed sharing the things that I know about our culture and my past and present experience of representing as royalty.

My last event that I want to include was on March 2nd — the viewing of the film at the Durango Arts Center located in Durango, Colo. It was exciting to watch the film and see myself on the big screen. This is something that I will always remember, and I would like to thank the following group that worked with us: Sommer Lopez, Elyse Frederick’s, Tony Tolino and Evan Smith, also Kree Lopez, I was glad that she was there during my interview. I was very nervous but just having someone I know there really made it much more comfortable for me to talk and feel at ease. They all did a great job! 

This concludes my travels and events for my quarterly report. I hope you all enjoyed reading about my participation in the past events that I was invited to attend. 

Happy Ute New Year to the membership and I’m looking forward to seeing you as we all gather to celebrate during the Bear Dance. 


Maleina J. Carel 

Junior Miss Southern Ute 


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