Introducing the 2023-24 Southern Ute Royalty

Photo Credit: Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Process for requesting Royalty attendance

To our tribal elders, tribal membership, and to our surrounding communities. We would like to introduce the new incoming Southern Ute Tribal Royalty for 2023-2024.

We were crowned at our 101st Southern Ute Tribal Fair and Powwow on the first night of the powwow. We were all honored to hold our respective titles and began our duties as ambassadors for the Southern Ute Tribe.

The 2023-24 incoming Tribal Royalty Court consists of:

  • Miss Southern Ute – Autumn Sage
  • Jr. Miss Southern Ute – Maleina Carel
  • Little Miss Southern Ute – Shayne White Thunder
  • Southern Ute Brave – Henry WhiteSkunk II
  • Southern Ute Brave Alternate – Theoden Greany

As the newly crowned Tribal Royalty, we are willing, happy, and honored to attend different events within the tribal and non-tribal communities. To request Tribal Royalty attendance, a Southern Ute Royalty request form can be picked up at the Cultural Preservation Department, located on the second floor of the Southern Ute Museum or by contacting the Cultural Preservation Director, Crystal Rizzo at 970-563-9583

We look forward to meeting everyone at all tribal events, holiday gatherings, and community requests.


Southern Ute Royalty

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