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Royalty Quarterly Report – Jr. Miss Southern Ute, Leandra Litz

Jr. Miss Southern Ute
Leandra Litz


Hello, my name is Leandra Litz. I am the current 2022 – 2023 Jr. Miss Southern Ute. I am the daughter of Alyssa Nez and Leandro Litz. I have three little brothers, Dwight, Leandro Jr., and Tavach. My maternal grandparents are Fannie Yazzie and Darrell Nez. My paternal grandparents are Nicole Lansing and Randall Litz. My great grandmas are Judy Burch and Alethea Gunn. My late great grandpas are Dwight Lansing and Gilbert Litz. Here are the events I have attended for this quarter.  


Fort Lewis Basketball game  

I attended the game with fellow royalty members. We cheered and supported the Fort Lewis basketball team.  

Singing in the New Year Nuuchiu style  

I introduced myself and went around to greet our visitors. I helped serve food to our elders and guests. We enjoyed the delicious food and beautiful songs. Lots of smiles and laughs. 


New Year’s Walk 

I brought in the New Year with the Buckskin family and friends. Everyone walked about five miles in the rain and snow. We walked with good thoughts in our mind and hearts to help us start the New Year in a positive way. It was an honor to walk a long side everyone and to carry on a tradition with the family.  


Round Dance 2023 

At the round dance I introduced myself and greeted everyone. I also helped serve delicious food. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s beautiful ribbons skirts swaying to the beat of the drum. I danced alongside our community. 

Valentines Day Powwow 

I attended the powwow at the Multi-Purpose Facility. I introduced myself to everyone, shook hands and helped serve food. I also danced during intertribal, Grand Entry and participated in the cake walk.  

Sip, Chat & Chew  

I attended this event at the Multi-Purpose Facility. My fellow royalty friends and I made Valentine cards to hand out to all the elders that attended. I introduced myself and shook hands with everyone. I also helped serve food. Our eldest tribal member Ms. Vida Peabody was honored, and we sang happy birthday to her. The students from Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy also sang a song in Ute, which I sang along side with them. I still remembered the song from the academy. It was a beautiful event, to see our tribal members come together for a special occasion.  

Ute Storytelling 

Royalty held a Ute story telling event and all were welcome, we also had an open mic to share stories. Each royalty read a story that was shared with them from their family. My stories were about my 2 maternal grandparents growing up on the Navajo reservation with no water/electricity during the winter. My other stories were from my uncle about his life growing up in Towaoc. Our guest speakers were Colleen Cuthair and Larry Cesspooch. We also served food to all our guests and had a good time sharing stories. 


Multi-Purpose Community Powwow 

I was honored to be head lady for this event. I helped serve food, I introduced myself and shook hands. I also helped clean up after the pow wow. It was a new and great experience to be head lady, I learned a lot.  

 47th Annual Denver March Powwow 

I attended the powwow Friday and Saturday. I danced all the Grand Entries for both days. I also passed out Bear Dance Powwow flyers to the drum groups, vendors and MC. During a special held for royalties I danced alongside 81 royalties from other tribes. I also got to speak with other royalties and share about my tribe. I also took pictures with Miss Indian World and Miss Denver March Powwow Princess. It was a great experience.  

 Southern Ute Youth Group Reunion (70’s, 80’s, & 90’s) 

I attended this event at the Southern Ute Museum. I introduced myself to everyone and greeted them as they came through the door. I had the privilege of hearing all the wonderful stories about the youth group and how it was a positive influence on people’s lives. I heard stories about old dances and how they were performed. The pictures that were shared were awesome to see, it was like a time capsule. It was good to see everyone so happy and smiling to share their stories and reconnect with one another.  

 It is an honor to serve as an ambassador to our Southern Ute Indian Tribe. I will continue to attend events with respect and to teach people that we Utes are still here. I also would like to thank everyone who has invited me to attend these events and thank everyone for their support. 


Leandra Litz 

Jr. Miss Southern Ute 


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