Vision Maker Media celebrates 45th Anniversary

Vision Maker Media

Vision Maker Media (VMM) is marking its 45th anniversary in 2021 with a yearlong celebration of free “commUNITY” events, including thematic online film screenings, online virtual programs and more. PBS and the Cherokee Nation Film Office are sponsors of VMM’s 45th anniversary events. 

In April, VMM’s first environmental-themed program will acknowledge International Earth Day with a month-long community-themed online film streaming event, titled “commUNITY: Environment is Sacred,” and a panel discussion. The April programs are free and open to the public, but registration is required. 

The idea that a feature of nature, like a river, is a living being is nothing new to Indigenous and other traditional peoples around the world. While the Western philosophical system is underpinned by the idea that humans are separate from nature and in dominion over it, Indigenous philosophical systems tend to conceive of humans as a part of nature, and in relationship with nature. It’s not surprising that Indigenous peoples are at the forefront of a growing movement to acknowledge the legal “Rights of Nature.” Indigenous environmental leaders share their approaches to adopting “Rights of Nature” into Tribal governance for protecting Mother Earth and Indigenous rights. 

commUNITY: Environment is Sacred” is a program of six films, featuring themes of water, energy, Indigenous food and health. The themes highlight important environmental issues that have a direct effect on Native lands and an Indigenous philosophy for the world to better understand. The films will be available April 1-30 for worldwide online streaming 24/7 at 

The six films include: “Crying Earth Rise Up” (2015, USA, 57 min.); “Red Power Energy” (2016, USA, 56 min.); “Growing Native Northwest: Coast Salish” (2018, USA, 57 min.); “RETURN: Native American Women Reclaim Foodways for Health & Spirit” (2019, USA, 28 min.); “Rematriation Series: Joanne Shenandoah” (TBD, USA, 10 min.); and “The Seven Generation River” (2019, USA, 27 min.). For more information about the films and to register, visit 

The Indigenous Rights of Nature Movement,” a panel discussion in partnership with Bioneers’ Indigeneity Program, will take place via Zoom on Tuesday, April 20 at 6 p.m. CDT.  

“We are grateful for Vision Maker Media’s shared mission to amplify the stories and voices of Indigenous peoples for a better future,” says Cara Romero (Chemehuevi), director, Indigeneity Program, Bioneers. For more information, visit: 

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