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Ute Indian Museum

During this season of giving, we are thankful for community members like you, who support our educational programs. You are a valuable part of the Ute Indian Museum!

This year has been challenging. However, with your help, we have adjusted our programming to comply with COVID-19 regulations and have reached more than 13,000 visitors in 2020.

Support from donors like you will allow the Ute Indian Museum to construct a Naturescape Park. The Naturescape Park will have play and educational components for a multigenerational participation. The completed project will serve both the community and the museum and will include:

  • A natural playground with public access for kids and families to connect to the Native American belief of working with and respecting Mother Nature
  • A simulated archeological site for an educational resource to allow the museum staff the opportunity to teach about historic preservation
  • A story walk developed and installed by the Montrose Regional Library
  • And additional educational panels will provide information on Ute history, archeology, and conservation.

This unique community resource will instill early literacy skills, a renewed interest in child-led creative play, and an invitation to exercise and learn while spending time outdoors.

Please join us again for Colorado Gives Day and consider scheduling a donation now or making a donation on Tuesday, December 8. Your donations to Ute Indian Museum will support the creation of the Naturescape Park. To donate, go to

Donations of $250 or more to Ute Indian Museum are eligible to receive 25% of the donation amount as a Colorado Enterprise Zone Tax Credit. Contact me at Ute Indian Museum if you’re interested in more information, 970-249-3098.

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