First bison, welcome blessing

So. Ute Wildlife Department

The first bison born from the herd this year is pictured in the pasture. Calving, when the new bison are born, is only once a year in the spring and the babies are born an orangish color then turn brown about a month or two after they are born. The Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s bison herd numbers are up to 90 animals this year and they roam on 350 acres just outside of Ignacio. The herd is managed by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Division of Wildlife, under the care of the programs Bison Herd Manager, Jesse Lasater. In traditional Ute and other Native American culture, the bison is a spiritual symbol of strength and perseverance through difficult times.  One of the reasons the Tribe keeps a herd is to remember and honor the important connection between this powerful animal and the Ute People. 

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