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Quarterly Report: Little Miss Southern Ute

Photo Credit: McKayla Lee | The Southern Ute Drum

Mique Nuchu,

My name is Shayne Morning Star White Thunder. My Ute name is Winter Rose, my grandmother Mikki gave me that name because I was born in winter and the rose signifies our people. I am the current 2019-2020 Little Miss Southern Ute. I am six years old and I attend school at the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy. My mother is Heather White Thunder and my father is Seth Roubideaux. My paternal grandmother is Mikki Naranjo and my great-grandparents are the late Eugene Naranjo and Dixie Naranjo. My maternal grandparents are Bobbie White Thunder from El Reno, Okla. and the late Ross Denny. I come from the Moache-Capote bands and I’m a descendent of Buckskin Charlie.

I am honored to be an ambassador for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, I am learning every day.

The following are events that I have attended so far during my tenure:

September 2019

  • I was honored to be crowned Little Miss Southern Ute and attended the Southern Ute Tribal Fair. I also rode in the Tribal Fair parade.
  • I attended the Southern Ute Education Department Back to School BBQ.

October 2019

  • Along with other Royalty, I introduced myself and met with Southern Ute Tribal Council members.
  • I traveled and participated the He Sapa Wacipi-Black Hills Powwow.

November 2019

  • I attended and participated in the Masquerade Powwow held at the Multi-Purpose building.
  • I traveled and attended a benefit dance for the Sand Creek runners in Hammon, Okla.
  • I attended the N7 Event and basketball games hosted by FLC.
  • I participated and helped sponsor the Royalty Walk for the community. Greeted and introduced myself at the Southern Ute Annual Thanksgiving Dinner to tribal members and guests.
  • I attended and participated at the Durango High School Powwow.
  • I danced and introduced myself to the students of Ignacio School District for Native American Heritage Month.
  • I traveled to Ft. Duchesne and participated in the Northern Ute Thanksgiving Powwow.

December 2019

  • Traveled and participated in the Choctaw Powwow in Durant, Okla.
  • Lastly, I attended our Southern Ute Christmas dinner and shook hands with members of all three Ute Tribes and guests. For the Christmas Program I did the Lord’s Prayer in sign language with Miss Southern Ute and Junior Miss Southern Ute. I also sang Ute songs with my classmates.

I have enjoyed attending different events and traveling to represent the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and meeting new people. I look forward to attending upcoming events and learning new things along the way.


Shayne Morning Star White Thunder

Little Miss Southern Ute


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