Royalty Quarterly Report: Miss Southern Ute

Quarterly Report: Miss Southern Ute


5/23/19 – Welcome Address for Ute Nations Day, participated and danced at the Southern Ute Bear Dance.

5/23/19 – Welcome Address for the Southern Ute Academy Transition Day for students.

5/31/19-6/1/19 – Attended and danced at the Ute Mountain Ute Bear Dance Powwow.


6/13/19 – Indian Motorcycle event, Sky Ute Casino Resort – Welcome address

The month of June, I did not travel much as I started working under the Youth Employment Program, making money for future use.


7/4/19 – Rode in the Fourth of July Parade in Pagosa Springs, Colo.

7/16/19-7/19/19 – Welcome address at the Tri-Ute Games, also participation in the Tri-Ute Games, Fort Duchesne, Utah.

7/27/19 – Rode in the San Ignatius Fiesta parade, throwing candy. My brother Jace rode along with me as he is the reigning St. Ignatius Fiesta King, 2018-2019.


8/8/19-8/11/19 – Attended and danced at the 56th Annual Shoshone-Bannock Indian Festival Powwow, Ft. Hall, Idaho.

8/12/19 – Welcome address and attended the Elder’s Celebration Dinner at the Multi-Purpose Facility.

8/14/19 – Welcome address for the Southern Ute Royalty Pageant at the Multi-Purpose Facility.

8/17/19 – Welcome address and danced at the Gold Wing Motorcycle event at the Sky Ute Casino Resort.

I continue to assist with the monthly Southern Ute Elders Dinners at the Multi-Purpose Facility by serving food and helping our elders, giving out door prizes contributed by the Culture Dept., Sun Ute Community Center, Elder Services and Southern Ute Social Services Dept. It is great to see our tribal elders come together and visit with each another and eat a good meal.

Tog’oiak’ – Thank you

Jazmin Carmenoros

Miss Southern Ute


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