Royalty Quarterly Report: Jr. Miss Southern Ute

Jr. Miss Southern Ute, Autumn Sage
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Quarterly Report: Jr. Miss Southern Ute


My name is Autumn Rain Sage and I am the 2018-2019 Jr. Miss Southern Ute. My Ute name is Pachukwi (River Otter) and I am 14 years old. I attend Ignacio High school and I am in the ninth grade. My parents are Roger Sage Jr. and Lynnette Sage. This will be my final quarterly royalty report as my reign will be ending in September. I would like to update the Southern Ute tribal community on the events and powwows that I have attended.

Events in May

On May 23​​ there were two events the same day I attended. The Ute Nations Day was held at the Southern Ute Multi-Purpose Facility and the Southern Ute Montessori Academy’s transition day at the SunUte Community Center. On May 24​ I attended the Southern Ute Bear Dance and Powwow and also the kick-off meal for the Bear Dance. May 27​​ I attended the Southern Ute Veterans Walk of the Warriors. May 31​​ was the Youth of Color block party held at the La Plata Youth Services.

Events in June

On June 1​ ​was the Ute Mountain Bear dance and Powwow in Towaoc, Colo. June 13​​ I attended the Indian Motorcycle event held at the Sky Ute Casino Event Center

Events in July

On July 16​​ I attended the Tri-Ute Games opening ceremony in Fort Duchesne, Utah where I represented and participated in the games. July 19​​ and 20​ ​I attended the annual Little Beaver Powwow in Dulce, N.M., I also participated in the parade for Little Beaver. On July 27​​ I participated in the annual San Ignacio Fiesta parade.

Events in August

On August 12​ ​I attended the Elders Celebration Dinner at the Multi-Purpose Facility. On August 14​ ​I attended the annual Southern Ute Royalty Pageant held at the Multi-Purpose Facility. On August 24​​ I attended the annual Ute Mountain Ute Casino Powwow in Towaoc, Colo. Finally, on August 30-31 White Mesa Bear Dance and Powwow in White Mesa, Utah.

I had such a great time representing the Southern Ute Indian Tribe at different powwows and events, and it has been a great honor to hold the title of Jr. Miss Southern Ute. I have met some really nice people at the different events I have traveled to this past year. I would like to say thank you to the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, the Royalty Committee and my family for supporting me during my reign as Jr. Miss Southern Ute.


Autumn Rain Sage

Jr. Miss Southern Ute


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