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Letter of Encouragement from Miss Southern Ute

Miss Southern Ute, Jazmine Carmenoros, 2019-2020
Photo Credit: McKayla Lee | SU Drum

Letter of Encouragement from Jazmin Carmenoros, Miss Southern Ute 2018-19:

I was recently selected as Miss Southern Ute 2018-2019 during the Southern Ute Tribal Fair. Currently, I would like to express my invitation to all my peers from the age of five (5) through eighteen (18) to apply for the various titles of Miss Southern Ute, JR Miss Southern Ute, Little Miss Southern Ute and Southern Ute Brave. I can imagine how scary this might sound at first, but once you travel the Powwow circuit and meet a lot of other Royalties from different Tribes, it is FUN. Yes, it was scary for me at first when I submitted my application, but I was encouraged to do it because my Aunties and Cousins who were former SU Royalties told me it was fun, and I could meet a lot of other Tribal Royalties. It was also mentioned that I would get over my fear of getting in front of people to give an Introduction or Welcome address, which would give me courage and bravery once I could do it. This sort of reminded me of the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” but at the end once the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow got enough courage, heart and toughness, they overcame their fears. They all had to go through their struggles to achieve what was needed. This happen to me and I conquered my fears of appearing and speaking in front of a lot of people and the public.

I have travelled to many places when I was JR Miss Southern Ute 2013. I met a lot of tribal Royalties and people from various places. I didn’t know who I was related to until I was introduced to my Grandpa’s and Grandma’s from my Sister Tribes and other places. Now, being Miss Southern Ute 2018-19, I know my relations, Grandpa’s and Grandma’s, and I enjoy seeing them and everyone else. They have given me a lot of advice, support and taught me the do’s & don’ts. Elders are very knowledgeable and wise. They are our History and Storytellers. Respect them in every way & when they are dancing.

I am available if you want/would like to speak with me about the functions as a SU Royalty Ambassador, and my personal experiences. I will assist with your speeches, and whatever it is you need. I am very honored to represent the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and the general tribal membership at the various functions and Powwows throughout Indian Country.

So, take the COURAGE and apply for any of the SU Royalty categories coming up for September for 2019-2020. YOU CAN DO IT!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES! NEVER SAY NEVER! YOU GOT THIS!!

Tog’oiak- Thank you

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