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Letter of Encouragement from Jr. Miss Southern Ute

Jr. Miss Southern Ute, Autumn Sage, 2019-2020
Photo Credit: McKayla Lee | SU Drum

Mique and hello to all the Southern Ute Tribal youth. My name is Autumn Sage, and I am the

current Jr. Miss Southern Ute. I would like to encourage the youth of the tribal community to

come out and participate in this year’s Southern Ute Royalty Pageant. Our Tribe needs your

positive and outgoing personalities! This is a great opportunity to show off your skills, your

knowledge of your Ute traditions and teachings, and your speaking abilities. Our Tribal

community wants to know about you and your families and this is the time to tell us of your story.

It’s also a time to showcase family regalia and jewelry; they also tell stories of their creation.


We are the next generation of leaders, so become an ambassador this year for the Southern

Ute people. It’s a great honor and a great privilege to represent our Tribe. You will learn new

and exciting things, meet new people and travel to different places. Most importantly, you will

learn more about the history of the Southern Ute people, the Southern Ute Tribal government

and our cultural events. Take a chance, my friends! A great opportunity is waiting for you!


Southern Ute Jr. Miss

Autumn Sage

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