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Royalty report: Little Miss Southern Ute

Tauri Raines – Little Miss Southern Ute 2014-15
Photo Credit: Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum

Mique Nuchu: my name is Tauri Raines “Little Miss Southern Ute 2014-15” I have been very busy since September of last year up to now. These are the following places I have been to representing my Tribe:

  1. September 12-14 “So. Ute Fair/Powwow 2014”.
  2. September 20 “5th Annual Garden of the Gods Rock Ledge Ranch Traditional Powwow” 2014 .
  3. Oren Dam Powwow & Festivities in Phoenix, AZ, 2014.
  4. November 8 “So. Ute Veterans Powwow 2014”.
  5. September 22 “Southern Ute Tribal Thanksgiving Dinner”.
  6. November 25 School Celebration: Native American Month Ignacio Schools 2014.
  7. November 26 “Northern Ute Tribal Thanksgiving Powwow” 2014.
  8. December “Tribal Christmas Dinner and Program” 2014.
  9. February 14 “Sweetheart Powwow” 2015.
  10. March “Denver March Powwow” and attended the functions going on at the Governors Mansion and the Capital where the Royalty was introduced to all the important people in attendance. Toured the Justice Department and got to see a student sworn in as a judge, 2015.
  11. March attended a gathering at the “Southern Ute Museum” 2015.

On my trips I got to know and meet new people who were very nice to me. At Thanksgiving in Utah I ate with my cousins and my Grandpa Bob Chapoose, I always like going up there, because I have lots of fun playing with my cousins. I also ate at my Aunt Lori’s place and she is going to teach me how to play hand game like she does and travels a lot playing at different places. The other thing about my Grandpa Bob he knows a lot of “Ute Stories” that are teaching stories like how to respect your elders etc.

I would like to thank Tribal Council and the Chairman for their support as well as others who have made my trips possible, as well as my grandmother Dixie for taking me to the many places when my parents are unable to take me, because of work. Thanks to others that have given me courage and have said nice things to me and also my grandparents Zach Rock and Deborah Brown for all the encouragement they have given me! Many thanks goes out to Mr. D for all the pictures you take and for the great job you do.

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