Making a Bear Dance growler

Photo Credit: SU Drum Archive


Attention Ute Elders!


The sound of thunder has signaled the time for spring and the awakening of our relatives, the bears.  In celebration of this new season, the Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum (SUCCM) will be holding a Beardance Growler Making workshop on April 9 and 10 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. in the museum’s large classroom.

The workshop on April 9will feature a Beardance presentation by Beardance Chief, Matthew Box, who will share important cultural information about the Beardance and growler. On April 10, youth participants will work with Matthew in constructing their own growler. We are asking for Ute Elders to come join us, share your knowledge, and help mentor our youth as we start our journey into the spring season of Tamanat.

If interested please call: Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum at 970-563-9583, Tallas Cantsee, Education Manager at ext. 3608 or Pamela King, Education Coordinator at ext. 3609

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