‘A Pow Wow of Shadows’ hits the shelves

Thaddine Swift Eagle Johnson
Thaddine Swift Eagle Johnson, Native World Champion boxer, poses in front of paintings holding her new book, ‘A Pow Wow of Shadows’, Saturday, Dec. 6 during the Durango Native American Winter Arts market.
Photo Credit: Sacha Smith | The Southern Ute Drum

Thaddine Johnson Swift Eagle, champion boxer, artist and writer sat down with the Drum to talk about her newly released novel, “A Pow Wow of Shadows.”

The book follows the story of a New York female boxer’s struggles and victories throughout her life.

“The book is about triumph and tragedy,” she said.

Swift Eagle is African American and Native American and said her book doesn’t shy away from her cultures; it rather brings them to light, she said. The book discusses struggles that are real and that effect many people, she said.

Swift Eagle said thought the book is fiction; a lot of truths can be found throughout the book. The book discusses something we all deal with; fear. The voice of fear can be louder than the voice of triumph at times, she said.

“I always heard, ‘no,’ “Swift Eagle said. But I always said, “‘I’m going to make you a liar’.”

However, within the book you will see how the character deals with fear and the power of the voice of triumph, she said.

While in New York, Swift Eagle mostly only associated with those that shared the same interests as her. She rarely knew, or had time for, anyone outside of the gym she was training in, she said.

So moving from New York, NY to Colorado was a culture shock at first, but Swift Eagle said it only helped expand her ideas for the book. She got the opportunity to meet new people that were a lot different than the New Yorkers, boxers and gymnasts she became accustomed to being around.

“Everyone has a story within him or her,” she said.

According to Swift Eagle, “A Pow Wow of Shadows,” wil be made into a movie in the near future and she hopes her book and movie will reach fellow Natives.

She plans on a book signing tour that will take her around reservations and having her movie shown on reservations as well.

“It’s important for us to stick together … promote each other,” she said.

Locally, you can find her book Magpies in Durango retailing for $20.

Swift Eagle will also be doing book signings at Fort Lewis College in February and at the Ignacio Community Library in March.

You can also catch Swift Eagle at a lecture she is planning to give at the Ignacio Community Library. The lecture will be given to anyone interested in writing or publishing his or her own book.

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