A word about the bison

Photo Credit: Jeremy Wade Shockley | The Southern Ute Drum

As the Winter Solstice settles in and a new year begins we plant the seeds of change.  Perhaps you are thinking of changing your lifestyle to restore, renew, and regenerate.  I envision the Buffalo, a revered symbol of stability, consistency, strength, and a blessing.  Changing a lifestyle takes time but if you are consistent and have the strength; change will occur and it will be a blessing!

The NEW Southern Ute Bison Cookbook will be published very soon and it will feature recipes from Southern Ute Tribal members who cook with Bison.  It will also feature other wildlife recipes including Elk, Deer, Grouse and a special section on bread.  The cookbook is made possible by a grant from the Inter Tribal Buffalo Council from Rapid City, South Dakota.

As I was doing research on various traditional foods of the Southern Utes, it certainly brought back the need to re-establish garden projects.  By growing and consuming our own traditional foods including hunting elk, deer, grouse, turkey or other wild game, it is of utmost importance for our overall tribal health and longevity.   A return to innocence is the phrase I would like to use.  Because a return to innocence brings us back to a time when we were not bombarded with diabetes, heart disease, or cancer.  Our people were healthy.

If you would like to contribute your recipe and have it featured in the new Southern Ute Bison Cookbook; OR would like to know more about the cookbook please call me at 970-563-0100, ext. 3627.

Marge Borst, Bison Educator

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