Many Moons Ago

10 YEARS AGO: Julian Baker and his brother; Jerome Olguin, along with Elmer Rock and Elroy Vigil rang in the New Year by bagging a 170-pound, seven-foot four-inch long mountain lion. The lion was harvested up on Archuleta Mesa on Monday, January 2, 2006. Mr. Baker submitted these photos to the Drum and said he and his dogs tracked the mountain lion up into a tree. Elmer Rock got the honors of taking the shot. This photo first appeared in the Jan. 5, 2006, edition of The Southern Ute Drum.
20 YEARS AGO: The Native American Rock Band Red Thunder paid a visit to the KSUT studios on Friday, December 22. Based in Taos, NM, Red Thunder blends traditional music with alternative rock using Native drums, flutes and rattles. Their latest CD release “Makoce Wakan” conveys the importance of protecting Native American sacred sites and the environment. Pictured are KSUT Native American Show DJ’s Eddie Box Jr., Cynthia Buckskin, Benito Concha of Red Thunder, Williamette Thompson, Marjorie Borst, and Robby Romero of Red Thunder. This photo first appeared in the Jan. 5, 1996, edition of The Southern Ute Drum.
30 YEARS AGO: (Left to right) Tom Shipps-Tribal Attorney, Eddie Box Sr., Chairman Chris A. Baker, Lillian Seibal, Tim Wirth, U.S. Congressman, Vida Peabody, Leonard Burch and State Representative Tom Glass were visitors to the Southern Ute Reservation to learn more about the Southern Utes. This photo first appeared in the Jan. 10, 1986, edition of The Southern Ute Drum.
Courtesy Julian Baker | SU Drum archive
John Rehorn | SU Drum archive
SU Dum Archive

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