Many Moons Ago

The Southern Ute Tribal Chairman Clement J. Frost and Tribal Councilwoman Vida B. Peabody take in the view from the overlook at the Ridges Basin Dam site on Friday, Aug. 12. Both officials were attending the Bureau of Reclamation’ Celebration to mark the initial placement if impervious core materials in the dam, which eventually will hold back the water for Nighthorse Lake in the Animas-La Plata Project. This photo first appeared in the August 19, 2005 Issue of the Drum.
Eyes partly closed. Deon Hudson receives special attention from dental assistant Isabeel Hewey. Starting off with a good hygienic habits will ensure bright white smiles from Mr. Deon. This photo first appeared in the August 18, 1995 Issue of the Drum.
Southern Ute General Store is now in the framing stage. According to Susan Thomas of EDD, the estimated date of completion is October 25, 1985. For tribal members living miles away, the construction site of the general store is west of the Sky Ute Lodge. This photo first appeared in the August 23, 1985 Issue of the Drum.
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