Head Start staff honored at national conference

Joyce Delaware-Ford is recognized for her leadership role in grandparenting.
Samuel Harrison delivers the invocation.


Six staff from SUCAP’s Head Start/Early Head Start division attended the 34th Annual Native American Child and Family Conference held in Albuquerque, NM from March 15 through 19.  The conference was hosted by the Southwest Consortium of Indian Head Start Programs.

Samuel Harrison, Family Advocate was deemed the “Grandfather of Head Start” and delivered the invocation.  The staff listened to presentations from the Acting Director, Ann Linehan, from the Office of Head Start, the Region XI Program Manager, Captain Bob Bailas and the Honorable Rex Lee Jim, Assistant Superintendant of the Navajo Nation.

Throughout the week they attended workshops that were presented by National presenters as well as local program staff.  This Conference is developed by Native American Head Start staff for Native American Head Start staff and their Child Care partners.

During this conference the Southern Ute Montessori Head Start/Early Head Start recognized one of their exceptional grandparents, Joyce Delaware-Ford who is honored to be a grandmother and to be able to teach and guide the younger generation to carry on valuable traditions.

She has shown tremendous dedication and commitment to her family.  She has made progress through the years in advocating for your grandchildren. Joyce is currently serving her second term on our Policy Committee and volunteers numerous hours in the classroom and on special events.

She is an active member of the Southern Ute community and serves on the Powwow Committee and dedicates a lot of her time traveling to Powwows and native ceremonies.

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